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Performance: Our Current Numbers

Demonstrating Our Impact and Success

Business Transitions Completed


Successfully transitioned 45 businesses across various industries, ensuring smooth handovers and continued growth.

Average Revenue Growth


On average, partner businesses experience a 30% increase in revenue within the first year post-transition.

Employee Retention Rate


Maintained a high employee retention rate, demonstrating our commitment to employee well-being and development.

Employee Satisfaction


Achieved an average employee satisfaction score of 4.7 out of 5, reflecting positive work environments and supportive cultures.

Client Satisfaction Rate


Received an average client satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5, highlighting the success and satisfaction of our business partners.

New Markets Entered


Expanded into 12 new markets, helping our partner businesses diversify and capture new growth opportunities.

Total Capital Deployed

$10 million

Invested $150 million in supporting acquisitions and growth initiatives for our partner businesses.

Average ROI


Achieved an average return on investment of 25%, demonstrating the financial success and value creation for our partners.

Highlighted Success Stories

Johnson Medical Supplies

Revenue Growth: 25% increase in the first year

  • Employee Satisfaction: 4.8/5
  • Market Expansion: Entered 3 new markets

"BridgeNest made the transition process seamless. Their personalized approach and commitment to preserving our legacy were exactly what we needed."

- John Johnson, Former Owner

GreenTech Innovations

Revenue Growth: 40% over two years

  • Operational Efficiency: Improved by 15%
  • New Product Launches: 3 successful launches

"BridgeNest's expertise and resources have been instrumental in scaling GreenTech Innovations. Their flexible approach allowed us to stay involved and see our vision come to life."

- Sarah Green, Co-Founder

BrightFuture Education Services

Enrollment Growth: 30% increase in student enrollment

  • Service Expansion: Added online courses and workshops
  • Community Engagement: Strengthened partnerships and engagement

"BridgeNest understood the importance of our educational philosophy and community impact. Their commitment to preserving our legacy while driving growth has been exceptional."

- Emily Bright, Founder

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